good morning you crafty, quilty, lovely person!  mom and i sincerely hope you are having a wonderful saturday.

i thought i would pop in and wish you a

                           happy november!

we received a “Thank You” card from DeeAnn of the Evening Star Quilters…which made our day!  we had a blast down there with all those wonderful quilty ladies!  we hope you stop by on your next road trip.  (under the card you can see our embroidery project for Monday’s Loose Threads club meeting.)


some cross-stitch (which is kitted with linen, beautiful threads and pattern booklet), big coat buttons, and my favorite little turkey.

november 002

christmas is on its way (just a little over 7 weeks), so we’ll be transforming the shoppe into a winter wonderland come November 11th…we’ll have a half dozen or so trees all decked out with fun christmas ornaments along with garland, lights, Christmas projects, gift ideas, and displays you can replicate in your home.  we are still in the planning process…there are a few more Christmas mags i want to get my hands on…pretty sure this place will be bursting with Christmas goodness–but more on that later!  the wheels are a-turnin’…

have a wonderful weekend!


ps…i was looking through old newsletters and came upon one that had a funny joke.

What did Miss Quilt say to Dr. Needle?

Stitch me up!



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