a meRRy liTTle Christmas

a meRRy liTTle Christmas has arrived!  we have the shoppe stock full of holiday projects, sparkling lights, inspiration at every curve…with everything easily duplicated in your home with your own spin on it.

first off…you’d better go grab that cup of coffee, hit up the bathroom, and make sure there is nothing in the oven cuz this post is jam-packed with 30 plus pictures.

to start–we have 7 trees.  They are as follows:  Silver Cherry, Ballet Slipper and Sage, Remembering Olivia, Frost and Shine, Sweet Shoppe, Chocolate with Glitter, and à la mode.

take the tour…

Cherry Spinkles with a little red sled and Christmas Star


Silver Cherry

…this tree mixes tried and true holly berry red with soft black and silver.  This color combination was inspired by the Winter Wonderland fabric which is black, red, cream, and white.


a little vignette of everyday goodness…do this yourself–all you need is a silver tray, small lamp, 4 colored high-ball glasses in evergreen or red, vintage flashcard, twine, sheet music, glitter, and sprig of holly and berries (bingo card, vintage photo, or christmas card would also work) and a hanky.  Roll the sheet music and glue to flashcard, tie with twine.  dab with glue and spinkle with glitter.  arrange as follows.


the white and cream scheme with pops of color.  we gathered white stemmed compotes and filled with balls of cream and white perle cotton then red hankies in the remaining one.  stack on oversized cake plate or use as a table centerpiece–it is lower so no worries about conversing over big vases of pointsettias.


Snowden (from 1997) is chillin’ on Black Tie Affair…then red, green, white, and black pieces pulled and grouped.  Black-edged enamelware and cream metal salvedge.  the green trimmed window can be flipped for a soft peachy pink in the off season.


empty frame around glittered Noel…easy –just change out the center for the season.  the tree was placed in a black ticking lined basket.


cream windchime, cream and black “OK”, green lantern, and red oil lamp…all common enough and can be used year around.


Ballet Slipper & Sage

a mix of ballet slipper pink, sage, and champagne to coordinate with the Jackie O made from Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Roses.  this quilt mixes dark burgundy rose, soft pink, sage, and creamy tan.


my vintage pink Atlas Sewing machine along with other pink goodness.  a great way to display your loveliness and giving it a Christmas feeling.


Jackie O project and kits


a hat box instead of an ugly stand.  (we coveredd it ourselves…just need some fringe, gimp, a couple yards of upholstery fabric, and a circular hat box.  trace, cut, and glue in place, then glue on gimp and fringe.)  a pop of color under your side table…we filled a milk crate (you could use a drawer with casters, wooden box, or basket) with vintage pink fabric balls, pink satin edge from an old wool blanket, white frames, and a pink metal tray.  just pick your color and start filling.


red and white ticking towls and a pearl-ed letter.


a candy cane…made from an industrial lamp and red ribbon.  after the season, just remove the ribbon and away you go.


Remembering Olivia

if you have been with us from the start you know who Olivia is.  if not, a quick history.  Olivia’s Sampler was our first block of the month, and to accompany the blocks i wrote a journal entry about Olivia and her life in the late 1800’s.  sometime during the block of the month…i purchased some vintage photos from a local antique store and used them as inspiration for the people that lived in Sweetwater with Olivia J. Cowden and her family.  Olivia’s Sampler was then turned into a book, The Life and Times of Olivia J. Cowden and was followed by Johanna’s Favorite (block of the month quilt) and book The Sweetwater Stitchers of 1866.

Our trundle bed outfitted with over-sized pillows and silver and red berries.  (these turned out wonderful…i just took the red berry garland and wrapped the silver berries around it).  the bed has Olivia (our pattern for preprinted fabric).

Over-stuffed pillows…decide on the size.  ours are HUGE!  cut out 2 pieces of muslin stitch around 3 1/2 sides, fill with stuffing and stitch closed.  Cut fabric to size desired (ours are about 4 inches longer and wider for a floppy feel) for front.  Now take half the size of the front and add 5 inches to each size and cut.  hem 1 long side of each back piece and stitch ties.  now place face to face overlapping the hemmed pieces in the middle and stitch around outside.  Pull right side out and insert form.  tie.


burlap webbing and vintage hymnal sheets.


Olivia’s tree.


the tree and the berry garland 14

Lydia hiding behind some creamy vintage clothing.


Frost and Shine…our wonderful little feather tree is the home to little bulb-men this year.  this glittered lovelies are adorable with their hats, earmuffs, and scarves.  les belles flours on grey is on the right and icy blue mixes with white, and baby pink in Faded Sunshine.


give someone the beach for Christmas…these dryer sheets scented with beach days are just the ticket…or the lovely little pillow…”walk among the wildflowers”


bundles, patterns, salt and pepper shakers–oh my!


Sweet Shoppe, upon the closing of the Bistro in January…we inherited all of their fun Christmas goodies.  This tree i dedicate to them.  sugared candy, pepermints, and a lollypop.


Chocolate with Glitter

i had originally decided on just chocolate, but after i put 1 dangly snowflake on it…i knew i had to add them.

Warm Apple Pie graces the front table.


Clockwise starting on the top left:  Small Town Charm, Cranberry Honey Butter, Mulberry Hopscotch, Christmas Romance tree skirt, and Milk and Cookies.


Small Town Charm and Cranberry Honey Butter 19

Mulberry Hopscotch20

a chalkboard tray…just take that old (or new) silver tray and paint it with chalkboard paint.  Drill holes and hang with twine.21

Small Town Charm kits 22

Bliss…a pattern that can bust that stash.  it uses 1/8 yard cuts and 41 different prints!


our front window is alive with wonderful icy teal blue, glittery goodness, twinkling lights, and silver…piled with clear juice glasses, sundae cups, and punch cups in glass compotes, a footed trifle, cut glass punch bowl, vintage pitcher, and don’t forget a cakestand.24

do this yourself…just gather old ornaments (mercury glass would look wonderful too) along with some old glassware and start piling and don’t forget the lights!  25

we even found what looked like Jeanie’s bottle and added that to the mix.


a small grocery cart with some pretty white skates, and teal mirror.


this year…instead of picking a color for the front window…we decided to do the complete opposite.  we went for a look, a feeling, something that truly spoke to not just quilters and the crafty people, but to everyone.  after much thought and an inventory of what we had on hand, i chose the feeling of home, of comfort, of soft, subtle, and soothing.


 à la mode

a lovely mixture of snow white and 7 shades of grey and cream.  jars of vintage perle cotton, darning thread, and a white, divided oval platter of vintage crochet thread and a glittery snowflake.

27aInstead of making a quilt just for the occasion, we flipped over a cream backed, cream ruffled , cream thread quilted quilt.

28Snowy pillows, white pumpkins, and a stamped Merry Christmas pillow (easily made with a stencil, Behr paint, and painters’ cloth).  the handmade pumpkins with real stems are so soft and sweet i just couldn’t resist adding them to the window display.


the french vanilla colored tree (a favorite among quilters and non-quilters alike) sits on a flat frameless mirror.  i used a cream fringed lampshade and vintage boots as the topper then added in narrow vintage crocheted pieces, vintage lace, white, glittery icicles, white glittery snowflakes, along with some cream and white bulbs, and 3 small floral pitchers for a pop of pink.  Then wrapped the base with an old pillowcase and dropped lights around it.  don’t forget…soft light from the white Chinese lanterns and the white drapey flowers.

30The tree topper and a tissue paper pouf using extra large coffee filters.


the stockings were hung…on the matress spring with care.  if you are sans fireplace…this is the perfect way to make up for it.  Just use store bought letters hung with pieces of vintage lace and thrifty cottage stocking made from vintage bedpsreads and painters cloth.  (the letters stand for an imaginary family that has 3 girls…Rayna, Eden, and Sophia.)


Place the bed spring over a buffet, sideboard, or couch for added effect..


Peach on Earth…simply, straight-forward, and soft.  painters cloth mixes with vintage bedspread chenille, EdMar thread in white and graphite, grey wool, and vintage buttons.  perfect addition to your Christmas display.33

if over a buffet, fill masons, apothocary jars, and bowls with bulbs, lights, and glittery-ness.35

Floral pitcher and white cake stand. 36

lastly…a simply way to spruce up a narrow wall.  hang letters or words vertical then using cloths pins, attach Christmas Cards, photos, or hymnal pages. 37

so, i hope you stayed with us, and i hope it was worth it!  mom is busy working on a new project “Sassafras” using civil war, stars, and pinwheels, so far it is looking just lovely!  can’t wait to see what you think!

have a wonderful weekend!

–a&m  {sweetwater}


2 thoughts on “a meRRy liTTle Christmas

  1. I visited your shop during the MN shop hop and just loved it. I’ve kept up with things on Facebook and just wanted to say it looks wonderful for the holidays. Maybe some day I’ll make it back for another visit. But for now, I’ll enjoy it from here in Ohio! Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Wow, you girls sure have a knack for decorating! It looks so beautiful and festive from the photos; all ready for Christmas and beyond:-) Nice job!

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