vintage blue hexies

good afternoon…it is almost quitting time (on my day off, but anyways).  i promised some pics of the vintage blue hexie quilt and today i finally found a few minutes to snap some shots.

the hexies started out like this…


31 blocks…some with white…some without.  i have an affliction when it comes to vintage quilt blocks.  i love them and have lots and lots of blocks, tops, pieces of started blocks and the list goes on.  this hexie quilt is not the first quilt i’ve made from vintage blocks.  the 2nd quilt i ever made mixed vintage butterflies and 2 different sized bowtie blocks, but that is for a different post.

today i have pictures of the hexie quilt…all stitched together–not quilted yet, but we finally got our cream hand-quilting thread in, so i will be using that.

i chose to make it straight set 5 x 6 and will use the leftover block as an over-sized pincushion–can’t wait!

the hexie size for this was somewhere between 1 1/4 and 1 3/8 inch, so i ended up printing my own papers–otherwise i would recommend Paper Pieces laser-cut hexagons.  we are going to order in some different sizes, but right now we do have the 1 inch papers.

once this baby is all hand-quilted and bound…i’ll be doing a tutorial, but we’ll save that for some cold, wintery day.

here are a couple pictures…to get you thinking about your next or first hexie quilt!

enjoy!  (i apologize for the quality of the pictures)





i’ll be back with 3 more Sylvia blocks and a sneak peek at the new sampler we’ll be doing once we’ve finished up Sylvia.

happy stitching!

—april&mickey  {sweetwater}


2 thoughts on “vintage blue hexies

    • @lisa– it is similar to Sylvia…stop by later today for the next 3 sylvia blocks and info on our next sampler sew along.

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