sylvia and the Loyal Union

sylvia!  yes, we have 3 more blocks today–Star of the Orient, Steps to the Alter & Swamp Star.

sylvia swamp

next up is (keep in mind we will not have Sylvia blocks next week since we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, so be sure to join us Thursday, December 5th)…sylvia’s shooting star, tennessee, and the friendship quilt


now beings we only have 13 blocks left (which will bring us to the end of December) we needed to come up with a new project to do.  then we sew this book…and after loving Sylvia blocks we thought this one would be a good choice.



The Loyal Union Sampler which is brand-spankin’ new is a sampler quilt of 121 traditional blocks.  Each block is 6 inches finished…just like Sylvia.  This quilt will be made from civil war prints.  We will offer it with 2 options.

loyal union

Option 1:  book and background yardage

Option 2:  book and kit complete with monthly shipments of the blocks.

Quilt finishes at 98 x 98 inches.

We’ll be figuring out the details as we start wrapping up Sylvia blocks.

Happy Stitching!
–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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