eXclusiVe fat 8th bundles

the snow is melting like crazy outside…i’m sure that colder weather is still ahead.  it seems to be that way this winter.  at least it gives us plenty of time to get projects finished, started, or worked on.  mom just finished up Saltwater Taffy which uses those little mini candy charms…we used some Lario and it is so gorgeous and we haven’t even quilted it yet, and it is always prettier once it’s quilted.  i’ll have some pictures, patterns, and kits ready sometime in the next couple weeks.  this bed-size lovely makes even the coldest winter day tolerable.  for now though, let’s move on to something i do have…

i made up some new fat 8th bundles…keep in mind, these are limited to just 2 (or in the case of Vanilla with Sprinkles and White Chocolate just 1).

today i put together…Chocolate Covered Bubblegum, Pickles and Bubblegum, and Vanilla with Sprinkles.


pickles1  pickles3

all the new bundles…from left… White Chocolate, Stormy Weather, Chocolate Covered Bubblegum, Pickles and BubblegumMy Valentine, Vanilla with Sprinkles, and Coffee and Berriespickles5

i’ll be putting together other exclusive bundles so stay tuned!   xo-april



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