saltwater taffy and sassafras

we sure hope you are all staying warm!  it was -20 on monday morning so we opted to stay home, but we were here bright and early yesterday morning.  this morning wasn’t even so bad…it is currently 27° above 0, so that’s nice–at least the car will start after work today.

yesterday we finished up a couple of things, which is always good.

this project uses those little moda candies…who doesn’t love little bits of “candy”…escpecially when it comes in moda flavors?  am i right?

Saltwater Taffy

this yummy treat measures 85 x 96 inches and uses 4 moda candies, yardage for the background, cornerstones, border, and binding.  we added a little 2 1/2 inch raw-edge ruffle, so it has a little bit of whimsy to it.  we used an unbleached muslin for the background then quilted with white thread and warm and white batting.  it is just so luscious…perfect spring/summer colors for this long cold January.


we have it kitted without the muslin in case you would rather use a different background…but we do have the muslin cut and tied.taffy1

next up…


this scrappy pinwheel quilt busts into those scraps…we have lots, so this was just the ticket.  Pinwheel chains surround faux diamond stars.  the civil war prints are set against an unbleached muslin, so they all pop.  then we finished it off with a civil war poison green and bubblegum pink binding.  this quilt measures approximately 81 x 81 inches…we don’t do many square quilts, but this one is a keeper.  this will be kitted with 30–fat 8ths, so you will have quite an assortment of wonderful civil war prints to pick from.  the background will be bundled separately if you’d rather use a vintage muslin, white, or reproduction shirting.


lastly…another Sweet Delight is finished and ready.  This one is decidedly not seasonal, but classic indigo, brown, and off-white.  Indigo 9-Patch is kitted and ready to go.

indigo 9-patch

these are not in the etsy shoppe yet…still working on a couple of patterns, but you will see them in the next couple days.

we do have a show this weekend, so we will not be in the shoppe.  if you are around the Red Wing area, be sure to stop by the Evenings Stars quilt show at Sargent’s Nursery Saturday and Sunday.

stay warm!  xoxo–a&m  {sweetwater}

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