Amelia, C&R and a scrawny lion

so it seems that this would be about the 100th day in a row of below 0 weather…along with crazy wind chill advisories.  it is after all winter…in minnesota.  even with the temperatures staying bitterly cold, we can’t help but dream of summer, of warm sunday’s spent relaxing on the porch, picking wildflowers, driving with the windows down, and wearing flip-flops.  well, we hope to rush summer in its arrival, and what better way to do that than to get going on some summer projects.  granted, we are always up for some summer projects…Saltwater Taffy with its creamy soft background and delicious ruffle is perfect, but we are taking it a couple of steps further.

Please welcome Amelia to the sweetwater family.

She is absolutely lovely and modern and the colors of wildflowers and daisies with a little bit of grey.  She measures approximately 60 x 60 inches, so the perfect throw size for your summer porch, hammock, or picnic.  The grey is wonderful mixed with the white sashing…and the variety of prints including houndstooth, florals, tonals, and geometrics are perfect backgrounds for white churn dashes.  This project uses fat 8ths and features a scrappy binding. amelia1


Roses…we are such a sucker for them; especially Cabbages and Roses out of the England.  they have the most wonderous blooms, and the colors are just as wonderful.  Shades of rose, red, violet, and blue on stone and cream backgrounds.  they just arrived so we are planning on a new Razzberry Creek, but you never know! c&r

Childhood Favorite features the Little Golden Book Tawny, Scrawny Lion.  this baby quilt is perfect for the new little baby in your life.  it features a Little Golden book panel along with super-sweet 30’s reproductions.  it finishes up just cute as a button.  it is perfect for a crib at about 40 x 56 inches.

lion 1

the center square on the bottom reads “This Little Golden Book belongs to:” with a space for a name.

Childhood Favorite is availabe in Tawny, Scrawny Lion, Shy Little Kitten, and Scuffy the Tugboat.  Each kit will use a variety of 30’s prints, a Little Golden book panel, white muslin, and a binding print.  30’s prints will vary from kit to kit, but overall finished product will be sweet as can be.

lion 2

i’m still finishing up patterns, bundling and pricing kits…so the listings are not finalized yet.  if you just can’t wait…drop me an email (sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com or convo me via etsy and i’ll put a rush on it for you.

have a wonderful afternoon–stay warm!

–a&m {sweetwater}


I have been informed there is an error in our Summer Crush pattern.  Step 1 should read:  2—2 ½ x 10 ½ inch rectangles.  we apologize for any inconvenience.

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