coffee cake

Sweet Confections are delightful, calorie-free single serving treats.  We have been adding to this grouping of patterns for awhile now.  Our latest addition to the Sweet Confection family is Coffee Cake.  Coffee Cake features a soft dark tan, warm Kansas Troubles prints, and a little bit of embroidery finished off with a handful of yoyos.  This project features authentic Kansas Troubles colors including warm shades of gold, brick, navy, wheat, twilight black, bark, and vine green.  We paired it with this little metal hanger that finishes it off nicely.

Coffee Cake

10 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches

embroidery and yoyos

coffee cake2

Kansas Troubles scraps…we have scraps too!  these are what we dug into for Coffee Cake.  It features the following Kansas Troubles lines:  Scrapbook Garden, Wildflower Serenade, and Cattails and Clover…to name a few–these are just the lines that stick out!  We’ll be adding in new Kansas Troubles as they arrive…and maybe even a new mini?  They are just so darn cute.

coffee cake3



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