i’ve always had a fondness for peach and with spring looming (just 20 days or 466 hours) we thought maybe it was time for a change…especially with the gallery and the purse place swapping locations and the courtyard getting a floor makeover.  we may be changing our purple door–have no fear…it will still be purple, just maybe a softer shade and have slats–we are still trying to figure it all out.  moving on (or back) to peach…so last night mom picked up 36 different peaches to pick from to cover the rag-rolled wall which you can see in the picture below.  we’ll be painting when we get back from Minot…so we have a little bit of time to decide…


we are also planning on painting over the blue…with maybe the grey of the radio below…

sweet cream2

this little gem…Summer Basket which is more like a bowl uses our most favorite shade of grey painters’ cloth, a lovely overstitched pink, and wool in a mix of both spring and summer flower shades.  i love it on the natural wood table…with the pink milkglass dish of kisses.


a close-up of the basket and butterfly.  Summer Basket measures 13 x 26 1/2 inches.  we have kits, patterns, and the pdf available.


Keep an eye out for information on our new Brazilian Embroidery project… Apples to Zinnias…which will start in May–in-store.


what do you think?

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