bucket of blooms

we hope that the snow slid by you without any trouble.  mom ended up leaving the shoppe early yesterday…thank goodness she did because the roads were kinda nasty last night.  tina put my car in the ditch, but she’s alright (and so is my car).

so we spent yesterday afternoon hanging with the dogs, drinking coffee, and doing a little embroidery.  the project mom was working on isn’t quite finished, but i do have a project she finished about a week ago that i never showed you.

bucket of blooms is our invitation to summer!  lovely fig tree mixes with wool, buttons, and vintage zippers with delightful results.  for added effect, we added ties and hung it from a vintage padded hanger–we have some available for purchase if you need one or i’m sure etsy is full of them.  bucket of blooms measures 16 x 29 inches and is perfect for spring/summer deocrating.  we have the kits and patterns finished and ready to go…online and in-store!




mom is busy working on some spring/summer themed embroidery, apple dumplings sweet confection, and Apples to Zinnias.  She has finished up Lilac Lane which needs to be machine quilted…so i’d better get to work.

hope all is well!  xo-april&mickey {sweetwater}


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