grandma’s house coat, simplify, Rejoice & Lilacs

we have a few lovelies to show you today…but first off–Happy Easter!  Sunday was spent outside–burgers, 4 dogs, and cheesecake from scratch made it a fabulous day.  We hope your weekend was full of family, friends, good food, and maybe you had a chance to get outside.

we’ve been busy these last couple days…getting small projects done for the Forest Lake Quilt Show this weekend.  we have kits cut…i’m finishing up a couple patterns, but they will be good to go this evening!

With summer coming quickly, we think of clothes on the line.  We have the lovely Sarah’s collection and thought it would make a wonderful clothespin bag.  Well, it does!

Introducing, Grandma’s House Coat, a clothespin bag.  we pieced it using the bubbly pink and the limey green, but it would look just lovely with any fabrics.  I especially love the little buttons, the “pocket”, and the locker loop.  Pattern includes full-size templates so no copy machine required.  we have it ready to go in kits, patterns, and pdf patterns.

clothespin bag1

clothespin bag2

clothespin bag3


Next up…Rejoice & Lilacs.  This framed piece uses straight forward embroidery, dark lilac purple, and wool.  Kits, patterns, and pdf patterns available.




Lastly…Simplify, a little more modern than we usually do, but nonetheless, still delightful and shabby.  We mixed our favorite Fig Tree coral from Mirabelle with some painters’ cloth and EdMar thread in coral and navy.  Simplify kits, patterns, and pdf patterns are available.





That is all for today…we do have 2 more projects that just need some finishing then i’ll have pictures–Friendship Circle in grey and coral and Lilac Lane.

happy tuesday!  hope to see you in Forest Lake this weekend!

–a&m {sweetwater}


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