friendship circle

happy monday! after a hectic day, i’m glad there are only 20 minutes left of the day. we are all unpacked and geared up for tomorrow. i redid the window…in honor of the april showers we’ve been having–don’t worry there are May flowers in there too!

i was hoping we were going to finish up Lilac Lane yesterday, but after the show in Forest Lake we decided we needed to take a break from work for the day. so we spent the day watching netflix, snuggling with the big dogs, drinking coffee, and napping.

we do, however, have a project to show you today that never made it on here last week. heck, i don’t think it made it anywhere except to the show. this lovely is made with grey, coral, and white. its awesomeness even comes across in photos (i think). Friendship Circle measures 18 x 18 inches and is octogonal so it fits circle tables. we jazzed up the center of the stars and the center of the topper with a little bit of embroidery…stem stitch, lazy daisy, and French knots.  easy peasy!  promise!

i have her ready and waiting in the etsy shop…a bright project to work on when it is rainy outside.

friendship circle blog

friendship circle blog1

friendship circle blog2


have a wonderfully rainy evening!  -april&mickey {sweetwater}


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