sweet embroidery

it has been a little over a week since i posted anything…time flies when you are busy.

embroidery is becoming quite popular in our little shoppe.  our Sweet Confections that had embroidery on them are everyone’s favorite, so after a tad bit of discussion we decided to add stitching to some of our past Confections.  i am slowly putting together thread packs for these…i will be adding them to the online kits in our etsy shoppe…if you’d like a thread pack added just let me know…i’ll add it to the listing for you…

Sugared Plums


Angel Cake


Orange Dreamsicle


Banana Nut Muffies 


Coffee Cake

coffee cake2

Blueberry Crisp


Chocolate Bows

choc bows

Cranberry Honey Butter


 Spring wool roll  shells and wool

LOvely unbleached wool.

unbleached wool

wool bundles…$5.00 Fruit Salad and Green Tea  (haven’t listed these yet, but they are on the agenda)

wool packs

Quilt Minnesota 2014 fabrics…in-store…we are taking pre-orders, and  i will be doing precut bundles.


Summer Sew-Along Olivia’s Sampler…starting in June…more deets to come!



what do you think?

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