just new…

i promised some pictures…

first off…i’d like to apologize because the next picture is of Christmas precuts.  i know, it isn’t June, nor has it been any kind of warm for 2 days in a row, and we haven’t even put crops in or planted flowers.  that is why i’m getting this picture out of the way.  it IS really pretty…and makes me want to curl up with some cocoa and watch White Christmas.

Winterlude is 3 Sisters’ new holiday line.  Lovely holly, crimson, parchment, and frost round out this breathtaking line.  we have honeybuns, charm packs, and mini charm packs available.


now that we have that out of the way…how about some springtime colors…

i do not have this baby named yet…but no worries, i’m finishing up the pattern and getting that all squared away, so kits should be on the shelf and online sometime next week.  i just LOVE the simple embroidery…it just finishes it!


here is a shot of the entire topper…isn’t it just yummy looking?  it just makes my mouth water!

fig again

Lavender…this sweet little pillow uses some super sweet embroidery…we just used white…for that down-home, shabby chic touch to it.  kits next week!


love this!  (but then we both love pincushions and any excuse to make one we’ll take it!)  this pincushion uses scraps of wool and you guessed it…painters’ cloth which is our go-to grey for all things shabby!  we are finishing up this pattern and getting some kits cut.  can’t guarantee what wool will be included, but i can guarantee that there will be 8 DIFFERENT wools in each kit…so your finished product will have the same feel as ours.  i also love how mom finished it…but more on that next week.

wool pincushion

Lastly…Lilac Lane.  Isn’t she lovely?

lilac laneIt is getting to be that time again!  BLT’s and S’Mores for supper…then maybe some pattern writing…i have a lot to catch up on!

–april {sweetwater}


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