Cozy Cottage and a Summer-Block-a-Week!

May is almost over…summer has arrived!  The birds are chirping, the grass is green, and the flowers are blooming as are the Lilacs –which are my favorite!

We just finished up a new summertime project, Cozy Cottage.  This beauty uses all low-volume prints.  We pulled together a mixture of large English florals, geometrics, and dots from a variety of lines including:  Faded Memories, Memories of Love, Northcote, Padstow, and Athill Range, Winter, Field Notes, and Strawberry Fields to name a few.  This little gem meausres 54 x 54 inches, and we have it kitted with 20–2 1/2 inch strips of low volume prints and then you can choose between grey, red, and blue sashing, border, and binding fabrics.

cc1 cc2 cc3 cc4 cc5 cc6

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year and in celebration we are going to have a little throwback…our first ever block of the month…Olivia’s Sampler.  We are going to revisit her…this summer.

Starting Tuesday, June 10th, join us as we

travel back in time to 1864 when Olivia J.

Cowden arrived in little Sweetwater, Minnesota.

We will delve into her journal every Tuesday as

we recreate each of her 12 sampler blocks.

Block patterns will be available along

with corresponding journal entry every Tuesday

through August. Finishing instructions will be

available in The Life & Times of Olivia J.

Cowden which retails for $16.99 starting in late

August. The book contains additional journal

entries and 2 finishing layouts.

olivia's sampler

We are considering doing kits of the project…they wouldn’t be identical but similar.  Let me know if you are interested…otherwise join us on Tuesday, June 10th for block 1 Miss Abigail.

Happy summertime!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


One thought on “Cozy Cottage and a Summer-Block-a-Week!

  1. Wow! Cozy Cottage looks like it was found in an old trunk at an antique shop! Love it! Olivia’s Sampler is gorgeous too! I’m hoping to stitch along on this series if time allows… Thanks so much!

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