Olivia’s Sampler…a Steamer Trunk Treasure.

Good Afternoon!  I hope you are enjoying our new blog layout…it took me a few hours to whittle down the themes and to finally decide  and stick to it.  It showcases the pictures which are of course my favorite part.  There is still a little bit of tweaking that needs to be done.  Rework the widget area and add a new menu or 2 to the top right for easy access to some of our more popular events…Quilt MN, Olivia’s Sampler, etc.  So if you have any questions, can’t find something, or just want to let me know what you think of the the new layout…like us, comment, email, share, call, stop in, snail mail us…whateves!  I’m easy to get along with…promise!

Your Are Invited to Join US…

Olivia’s Sampler Summer-block-of-the-week

Our 10 year anniversary was last week, June 4th and in celebration we are doing a summer-long throwback.  Join us every Tuesday starting tomorrow as we revisit Olivia J Cowden and her lovely Civil War sampler.  We will be remaking the blocks in our signature palette of cream, white, and florals.  We will be offering a bundle of Fat 8ths and the unbleached and bleached muslin we will be using if you’re interested in a floral version.  Otherwise, you are free to join us each week…the blocks, directions, and journal entries will be available to download right here on the blog.

check out the link below!

Steamer Trunk Treasure:  The Life & Times of Olivia J Cowden

so…i think that’s everything for today…i don’t even have any pictures, that will just make tomorrow that much better.

Stop back tomorrow to see Miss Abigail’s block and read all about her.

happy monday!  ~april


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