winterlude frosting

we hope you had a wonderful weekend!  we are gearing up for the Row by Row experience which is starting on July 1st…our row is done, kits are cut, just waiting on some lovely EdMar thread so i can get those all tied and cute-ified.  i’ve dedicated past posts to the Row by Row, but we’ll do up one more later this week…with all the deets on our row including the pictures, kit cost, rules, etc.  i have a flyer i’ll be attaching too.

now though, we have a little bit of christmas love to send your way.  i know…christmas?  already?  yes, (i’m sorry), but on the plus side of things this line is truly romantic, classic, and we have it done up in Frosting and the kits are ready to go!  (i even got to use up some vintage hymnal pages around the honeybuns…hopefully that will cut down on those annoying fuzzies everywhere.)

we have kits in our etsy shoppe…Frosting kits Frosting paper patternFrosting pdf pattern

Frosting measure 43 x 43 inches and is perfect for your holiday table or as a wall hanging or make it for a Christmas baby…

frosting1 frosting2 frosting3 frosting4

Love the backing…it reminds me of vintage postcards! frosting5 frosting6 frosting7

other projects are getting finished up too…so we have lots more to show you in the coming weeks!  happy monday!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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