Life is better in Flip Flops

good afternoon!

we have had a hectic and emotional week…between water issues at home, at the shoppe, the rain, getting the fields sprayed before it rains again, and Max, our rowdy chocolate lab, hurting his leg to the point where he can’t walk on it…we are SO ready to be done with this week!  Max is on painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication and has no broken bones but possibly nerve damage.  It is too early to tell, but he is home and on a strict regimen of relaxing for the next week (which if you know Max…it will be difficult).  Anyways…on to some shoppe news!

We are looking forward to July, and not just because we can put this June behind us, but because it is the start of the Row by Row Experience.

The Row by Row Experience is a shop hop of sorts that has no trip tickets, no drawing for prizes, and no borders.  The Row by Row Experience extends across the United States and up into Canada, so if you are a travelor…this is perfect!  Just visit 8 shops collecting their Sew a Season inspired row, put together as in pieced, quilted, bound, and labeled.  Then bring the finished quilt into any Row by Row participating shop and get your picture taken with your quilt.  If you are the first to bring in your finished quilt, receive a bundle of 25 fat quarters…and an additional prize if you the shops row is in your quilt!


is 6 x 36 inches and features lovely Fig Tree prints, pinwheels, and some embroidery.  The kit which includes everything for the row even a little yardage for binding…either add it to your Row Quilt…it would work for either spring or summer or use it has a table runner.

row row1 row2

Also, there are these nifty little Fabric Plates.  They are just “Sew Sweet”!  Each Fabric Plate is different and they are only available at participating Row by Row shops.  They are just $5.99/each and the perfect souvenir for all your travels!

sew sweet

I do have a few more things…namely, Miss Annabelle, but i’ll have to finish up the kits first, so i’ll have her ready to go Monday along with maybe a Sweet Delight or 2…we’ll see how the weekend goes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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