Quilt Minnesota display pics

we finished up out display this morning…

here is a little eye candy to keep you going until you start shopping the section!

keep in mind…our exclusive QM2014 patterns are available only in our Minnesota Town & Country booklet for $16.99.

Daisy Chain on the left (kit is $17.00 plus booklet) and Caramel Corn on the right ($24.00 plus book)

caramel and daisy  Daisy Chain, Caramel Corn, and Clothespin bag (single pattern).clothesline

country sunshine…our bedsized beauty features every print in the line against a white background and we added an unhemmed ruffle for added girly-ness!country sunshine

pink barn and photo op! cwcalendar

calendar girls…from left joyce, carmen, margaret, tina cwgirls

Minnesota Kisses on the hammock… (kit is $61.00 plus book)minnesota kisses

The Bee’s Knees Potholder Pair (kits $9.50 plus book and $4.00 for batting and insulb-bright roll)…Sulky Blendables for topstitching and Seed Packet Plaques ($12.00/each).

the bee's knees

Quilt Minnesota fabrics… quilt mn fabric

Cherry Fizz…pattern available only in our exclusive 2015 Calendar!

cherry fizzif you are interested in a kit just drop me a line.  i can send you a paypal invoice…and ship it out on August 1st…which is only a week away!

happy thursday!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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