Olivia’s Sampler, James & Olivia’s Sashing

Good MOrning gentlefolks…mom and I hope you had a wonderful (and safe!) labor day weekend!  it was nice to have a couple days off…in a row.  I worked on a few things –not this post unfortunately…so I am throwing it together this morning at 11am.

instead I worked on a little leftover hexie table runner.  mom was working on a farmhouse jacket and I grabbed bag of papers and mismatched hexies from when I finished up her grandmother’s flower garden last fall/winter.  I had done 1 extra flower and some others extras…I’m not the best with numbers.  I moved them around until I used up all of them and ta da!  a table runner used from leftovers…then a scrap of batting which I zigzagged together and a leftover piece of white muslin.  once I get the machine quilting done…i’ll start building up the etsy shop and posting lots more pictures…

also…I worked on my Lucy Boston crosses…these lovelies are just so lovely!  I have 17 finished and am thinking when I hit about the halfway point i’ll start the piece along~

lastly…be sure to join us September 30th for our Christmas Morning Quilt Along.  mom finished her up…hopefully I can get her quilted…then get kits out and ready to go!

christmas morning

Now…on to the good stuff!  I decided to split the sashing & cornerstones into 2 posts.  this week we will cut for both the sashing and the cornerstones but only work on the sashing…next week we’ll finish up with the cornerstones.  then lastly, Tuesday, September 16 we’ll have a short quilting/binding post.

First before cutting any sashing…trim all blocks to the same size…if possible.  blocks should measure 12 1/2 inches…however, ours have measured closer to 12 1/4.

James & Olivia’s Sashing

Yardage for sashing & cornerstones…  (yardage is figured at 42/43 inches wide)

1 yard floral (we opted for bleached muslin)

2 1/4 yard solid (we opted for unbleached muslin)  this includes binding…

from the 1 yard cut:

11–2 inch strips

3–2 3/8 inch strips

4–1 1/4 inch strips


from the 2 1/4 yard cut:

21–2 inch strips

3–2 3/8 inch strips

4–1 1/4 inch strips

7–2 1/2 inch strips for binding (this can be dropped to 2 1/4 inches if you prefer narrower binding)


Cut 2–2 inch squares off each end of the 11–2 inch floral strips for a total of 22–2 inch squares (set aside for next week) sashing 3

Cut 1 solid 2 inch strip in half and piece to each side of 1 floral strip.


With remaining 2 inch strips sew a solid strip to each side of floral strips.

sashing5Now cross-cut sashing strips to length of blocks.  Ours were cut at 12 1/4 inches.  Cut a total of 31 combinations.


be sure to stop back next week for the cornerstones and final journal entries.

James & Olivia’s Sashing

happy stitching!



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