Olivia’s Sampler, James & Olivia’s Cornerstones

hope you had a chance to finish up the sashing strips.

today we are going to work on the cornerstones.

these little darlings are just so sweet!

James & Olivia’s Cornerstones

find those strips that were cut last week…

Floral (bleached muslin)

2 inch squares cut from end of each 2 inch strip (22–2 inch squares)

3–2 3/8 inch strips

4–1 1/4 inch strips

Solid (unbleached muslin)

3–2 3/8 inch strips

4–1 1/4 inch strips  (this should be 4 not 3…I have changed it in the last post…sorry about that!)

7–2 1/2 inch strips (these are binding strips that can be cut down to 2 1/4 inches…make sure you hold on to these)


Cut the 2 3/8 inch strips into 2 3/8 inch squares.




Pair up the 2 3/8 inch squares placing a solid face to face with a floral.  Draw a line diagonally and sew a 1/4 inch down each side.  Cut on drawn line.  Press towards darker fabric.  Repeat for 80.

corner2Piece together the 1 1/4 inch strips…1 floral and 1 solid.  Then crosscut into 2 inch combination squares for a total of 80.

corner3Layout as follows using the 2 inch squares cut last week, 4 half square triangles combinations, and 4 square combinations. 

corner4Piece together 20 cornerstones.


okay…now that you have the cornerstones done…get ready!  we’ll be back next week with some piecing instructions for the sashing, quilting, and binding.

James & Olivia Cornerstones

then be sure to join us on September 30 for our Christmas Morning Quilt Along.  More information coming along with kits and pictures.

happy stitching!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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