English Paper Piecing {a quick how-to}

so next Friday we start our I Love Lucy Boston Stitch-along.  I will use the English Paper Piecing method.  This method does not use a sewing machine, it is entirely done by hand, so it is perfect for the car, next to your favorite chair, waiting for an appointment, for your kids, or the next pitch.

Cut the fabric a 1/4 inch larger than the paper.  Then thread a needle with “junk” thread.  I use the cheapest, brightest thread I can find, since this is for basting and will be pulled out.


Center the paper  on the fabric.

epp2Start by folding 1 corner and running the needle from the front to the back so the knot is on the front.  (I put the needle through the paper, so it is secured and I have a sharper corner.)

epp3Put the needle down at the next corner.

epp4Repeat making sure to finish on the top.  Knot and trim.

epp5hope you are ready to join us…Lucy Boston books arrived this morning…so you still have time to join us just pop over to our online shoppe and add Lucy Boston to your cart.

have a good Friday!

–april&mickey {sweetwater}

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