Lucy Boston day!

good afternoon!  I hope your lucy boston is coming along wonderfully!

I have worked ahead…I (think) I have everything cut along with all the 4-patches and flowers stitched together with cream honeycombs around 29 of the flowers.  I have even started putting the first row together.  the goal is to have it finished by Mid-March…hopefully…I will still be posting a block a week here on the blog.

this weeks block is a Lucy-Blue.


This the top left corner (or bottom right).  I debated on the accent color…the cream is primitive muslin in tallow and I had originally thought of a dark brown with black flowers…but wanted something a little more “shabby”.  I decided on a print from 3 Sisters Atelier…I just love laying out the 1 inch squares so they have a design…except along the edge…they are on their own.  I’m also going to use the grey fro the binding to really pull it all together.

lucy1 if you are interested in the tallow or the grey atelier print…drop me an email…I don’t think the bolt we have left has enough and you’d want it off one bolt.  the grey, however, will be a limited time thing, so if you are seriously thinking about using it…you will need at least 4 yards (I am using it for the binding also.)  we have it available in our etsy shoppe.

I will post pictures of my progress…here every week, between updates, be sure to check out our instagram feed for daily photos!

happy Friday!  we are off to get our Christmas tree!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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