a very Sweet Christmas

good afternoon!  I hope you have all the stockings hung and the quilts bound and wrapped.  All my homemade presents are wrapped and under the tree patiently waiting for Christmas.  I’ll try and snap a few pictures and post them to instagram over the next couple days.  Mom and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.  I have been trying to get back online for some Christmas pictures, but I have been so busy trying to finish up quilts so they could be picked up by their owners.  The last Christmas present was picked up this morning…so it is nice to have those on their way under their trees.

So, today I have pictures of our trees…this year I admit, I was NOT in the holiday spirit of things.  After some Christmas music and holiday movies and some awesome present ideas and snuggling with the doggies…I’ve come around to Christmas with not to much time to spare.  (I did have a nasty cold/flu thing last weekend…the cough has hung on for almost 2 weeks now so that kinda put a damper on things.)

Getting back to it…I do have some pictures though…

Our shop from the courtyard.

christmas2014 a

 Sugar Cookies, our low volume lovely, and our low volume Christmas tree featuring vintage bedspread fringe, cream bulbs, and gold trimmed poinsettias.christmas2014 b

Cherry Cobbler (right) our decadent layer cake friendly project.

christmas2014 c christmas2014 d

Sweet Cream (bed) and Lilac Lane were the inspiration for this lovely tree of purple and pink.

christmas2014 e

Our Chocolate Tree.

christmas2014 f

Hot Cocoa

christmas2014 gMiss Kate inspired tree features…aqua, ruby red, Chinese lantern party lights, and ribbon candy.

christmas2014 hSpread a Little “Fig Tree Joy” this holiday season.

christmas2014 iOur decked out barn

christmas2014 j

Our Road Rally Row Quilt and fabulous Annabelle.

christmas2014 k

A Road Rally Row Quilt Close-upchristmas2014 lBurgundy and ruffles in the window

christmas2014 m

little tree

christmas2014 n Countryside runner

christmas2014 o

Prairie Tree and Magnolia decked mantle

christmas2014 p

Countryside Quilt all finished…perfect for snuggling up!  kits available in our etsy shoppe…the Countryside Quilt Along starts next Tuesday, December 30th right here!  be sure to join us!

christmas2014 q christmas2014 r christmas2014 s

Richmond Spool using Richmond Reds…wonderful for the winter season!

christmas2014 t

Warm Winter Nights with Autumn Lily, Cranberry Sauce, and an impromptu tree using a jar of rub beaters, mini clothespins, and a string of lights…

christmas2014 ucivil War pink and chocolate

christmas2014 v

I hope you have enjoyed the show…I have some shots at night too…i’ll try and upload those to the Facebook page…so be sure to pop over and take a look.

have a wonderful evening!


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