Countryside Quilt Along week 2

Good afternoon!  We hope you are having a wonderful 2015 and are spending these chilly days next to the fire with something warm to drink and a quilt to do…and maybe Netflix in the background.

Today is the 2nd week of our

countryside quilt along

The finished project…

christmas2014 s

If you are joining us today…check out last week’s Countryside post for week 1.


As for today…remember all those half square triangles you pieced last week…I’m sure it seemed like a million…it wasn’t I promise.

Layout half square triangles in groups of 4 as follows (we made sure the darks didn’t touch darks and lights didn’t touch lights.)


Piece together.


Repeat for 30 squares.

(the remaining half square triangles will be used in a BONUS project at the end.)

join us next Tuesday for week 3.

(if you are interested in a kit we have a few left in our etsy shoppe)

Have a Happy New Year!



I wrote this last week… **I totally forgot about Lucy last Friday…hopefully I won’t forget this week.**  I totally forgot again last week…the New Year came and went so fast that before I knew it Sunday had arrived and I had skipped poor Lucy again.  Well, I have almost 4 rows put together…it is looking so awesome, but more on that on Friday!


what do you think?

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