parade candy & cherry sprinkles & vintage treasure

good afternoon!  march is almost half over…we’ve sprung forward, hit 55ºF and the sun is shining!  mom and I are busy…sometimes it seems the more we try to do, the less that actually gets done.  we have been finishing up those half-done quilts and since they aren’t going with us to Minot I opted to work on patterns, kits, and other things that will be making an appearance there…thus that pile is now at about 3…and includes Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler (yes…she is all done–just needs some quilting), a 30’s reproduction triple irish chain, and a vintage Dresden that is calling to be hand quilted (I think!).  i’ll tackle that pile when we get back.

we popped down to buffalo this past weekend for their occasionals…we didn’t find what we were looking for but I did score a vintage butterfly quilt top to add to my growing butterfly quilt collection.  maybe when they are all finished i’ll display them all like a mini quilt show–i’ll have to think on that and probably finish them up.  🙂

as for the parade candy, cherry sprinkles, and vintage treasure…

mom and I have been putting together these little parade candy bundles.

parade candy1

Parade Candy:  delightful bundles of 8–9 x 11 inch pieces of fabric.

we even have a couple patterns that use these yummy treats.

Vintage Treasure:  our topper was made with the delicious French General pack.

vintage treasure

Cherry Sprinkles:  this pattern uses a parade candy pack also…we used the cherry cordial pack which is full of reds, greys, and tans…


can’t wait to head on home and spend the evening English paper piecing on the porch!

be sure to check the Events page…we’ve added a couple shows.

Don’t forget…we’ll be in Minot starting Thursday, March 19th and will be closed March 19th thru the 25th…



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