checking in…

good afternoon!  we hope you are having a wonderful march.  the snow is all gone and maybe we’ll hit some nice weather this weekend (fingers crossed).  we drove back from Minot on Sunday evening…the weather was okay until we hit Minnesota…a little bit o’ snow and some icy roads, but we managed.

Monday and Tuesday were spent changing up the displays in the shoppe…new fabric was (is)arriving and we needed to make some room for it, so a whole shoppe move was in order.  I’ll get some pictures taken, so you long distance quilters can see what we’ve been up to.

New fabric has arrived…Mistletoe Lane mini charms are being pieced into a delightful Dog Days quilt.  I’ve searched out a picture one.  it uses a 5 inch or 2 1/2 inch squares.  we’ll have kits of the baby quilt as soon as we get it daysa sneak peak of it in progress…dusty pink, cocoa, tan, Christmas red, and soft green.

mistletoe dog days

I just love the little dots…and yes, this is a Christmas line by Bunny Hill, but her lines are just so cute and sweet…I want to squish them–like I want to squish puppies…but anyways.  The prints are delicate and include:  trees, ice skates, stars, dots, a small plaid, and line snowflakes.

Summer Orchard by Blackbird arrived as well…we got in 8 bolts along with charm and mini charms.  still undecided as to what to do with them, but they are simply lovely.

Aloha Girl mini charms arrived today and the yardage will arrive on Monday, so we’ll have to get going on some projects using Fig Tree.

Mom also did up a retro hexie bloom pillow…I don’t have a picture yet, so i’ll post a little more about it when we have the pattern figured out and kits available.

also…since we were out of the state last week, I decided to pass on Lucy and just bring you 6 blocks tomorrow.

talk soon! —april&mickey

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