good afternoon…it has been over a month since I posted anything…where has the last month gone?

We’ve done a couple shows since then…we loved catching up with everyone down in Mankato and in Becker.  We are already looking forward to our next shows…be sure to check out our Events page.  Maybe we’ll be popping up near you!

Now for some goodies…

we’ve got lots of new projects ready to go…some I am still in the process of writing (at the beginning of May I herniated a disc in my back, so I stayed home for a week and half…I am on the mend though, so I’m getting stuff done!)

New fabric arrived before and while I resting…I have gotten most of it listed on etsy…

Mill Book 1892 …lovely and elegant civil war prints….I wish that first stripe had been in the shoppe when I was working on my lucy boston!

mill book

Aloha Girl…classic fig tree with a twist…loving the dark blue, coral, and circle leis print!  surf and turf bundles are in the basket (and available online)!

aloha girl bolts

Country Orchard…reminds me of summers on the farm with grandma…picking cucumbers and walking through the daisies.  Hazelnut bundles are in the urn and available online!

country orchard bolts

Pixie Sticks…a layer cake friendly project measuring just 68 x 72 inches.  Perfect for summer nights, picnics, parades, and hayrides.  kits available…

pixie sticks1

Spearmint…this extra large lovely (93 x 105 inches) is perfectly sweet…it uses some Fig Tree loveliness…we have just 1 kit left right now.  I will not be listing it online, but if you want it drop me a line and i’ll set up a listing for you.  kit is $145.00 and includes:  fabric for front, binding, and pattern…it is identical to the quilt shown.

spearmint spearmint1 spearmint2

We have some Parade Candy Projects that are almost done they just need to be written.  I’m thinking next week…hopefully!

Be sure to check out… the South Central Section for information on our bus tours and incentives.

happy memorial day weekend!  (we’ll be closed on Monday—have a safe weekend.  be sure to take a moment and think of all those that are no longer with us.)


….keep tabs on us, our projects, the big puppy-dogs, and our brand new jersey calves over on our instagram account @sweetgirlstudio.


what do you think?

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