let’s play catch up

oh…my…goodness…I’m sure you are wondering where we have been…other than Lucy blocks (which the last one was posted almost a month ago).

I will make this long story short…

I ruptured a disc in my back which led to a week of rest then physical therapy and then some follow-up doctor appointments.

Then more recently mom’s mom (grandma a) has been in and out of the hospital…blood clots and a cancerous polyp (which thankfully was caught in time), so now hopefully she will be on the mend.  Mom has been down to the cities several times in the last few weeks.

Plus…we had 2 shows in June and now starting this weekend 2 more shows that will bring us right into August!  (YIKES…summer hasn’t even started yet!)

now…on to a few fun things…Quilt Minnesota is in and we are loving it!  we will have our pattern booklet available for $16.99 (or each pattern individual for $5).

Only a couple of the projects are quilted and ready to go…

Wintergreen Slippers  is an octagonal table topper featuring some gorgeous embroidery.  the white gets lost in photos but in person it is breathtaking!


This 2-handled treasure is wonderful for beach-going, road-tripping, English paper piecing supplies, class projects, you name it–it works!


that is just 2 of our quilt Minnesota projects…we also have a throw quilt made from the black and white prints, a table topper made from the blue and chocolate, an Americana themed table runner, and lastly a ruffled throw pillow using the soft blue and a set of pillowcases using the focal stripe.  once those are finished up i’ll work on getting pictures up.

the fabric is located by the cutting table…once we have all the projects done…we’ll be setting up our display.  we have all 23 prints and are busy cutting up One Yard Wonders that are perfect if you need to grab and go!  along with 5 inch and 10 inch squares, 2 1/2 inch strips, F8ths, and FQs.



we are still working on kit prices, patterns, and the booklet.  if you are interested in reserving the Wintergreen Slippers kit or the Bag kit or any yardage, precut, kit combination …please let me know…call us at 320.243.4436 or email us at sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com.

lastly!  I hope you stayed around long enough to get a peak at our newest little jar topper…this little lady was inspired by the Quilt Minnesota 2015 fabric but it doesn’t use any of the fabrics so you can pick it up now!  We will be in Bemidji this weekend and at the Hayward Quilt show the July 24 and 25…so if you are interested…stop on by.

I leave you with:

Lady Slipper


happy stitching in the summertime!

sweetwater cotton shoppe


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