Parade Candy

good evening!  it has been over a month since I posted anything…not even Lucy Boston or any of the brand new projects we have in-store and online.

As you may know I ruptured a disc in April and PT to recover from the drop foot.  I ended up having to have a couple epidurals to relieve the pain in my calf.  Hopefully…everything is all good now!  I know my leg is feeling better and I’m no longer limping around.  The back issues have made it hard to do much…include sit and post…stand and quilt…I could only sort of lay-ish.  So now that I can sit up straight, I thought it was time to write up another post.

I think at some point I mentioned Parade Candy.  Cute little bundles, folded and tied to look like little stars.  We have all sorts of different flavors available and have been designing up a line of Parade Candy Projects (each project uses 1 parade candy and background.

Parade Candy Café

First up…Vintage Treasure

vintage treasure

Surf & Turf

surf and turf tablerunner

Bits & Bobs


Scrappy Albums

scrappy albums

Hazelnut Sparklers


Lemonade and Storm Clouds

lemonade and storm clouds quilt

Grey Matters

grey matters

I don’t have all the patterns and kits listed over on etsy…but the little bundles are available under the Parade Candy listing…

happy evening stitching…now back to Longmire!



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