MoDA sampler BlocK ShuFFle blocks 28, 29, 30

good morning shufflers!

I hope you are following along…these 3 blocks are the last group!  we are still putting ours together…so be sure to keep tabs on us…hopefully it will be done in the next week or so!

Today we have for you block 28, 29, 30
Block 28 cutting instructions error…
4–2 inch squares needed

Here are our blocks…



Mom has opted to use a white muslin for the base of each block.  I am loving that idea!  If you are thinking of doing that Mom suggests setting aside about 3 yards to use.

Here are the links to the block patterns…just click to open and download.

block 28

block 29

block 30

These 2 links are extras…1 shows you the Easy Triangle method and the other gets you started on the flying geese border.

Easy Triangle

Flying Geese Border

Remember…last week is our last set of blocks!  We just love seeing all the block pop up on instagram!  be sure to use the tag #modasamplershuffle

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—–april * mickey  {sweetwater}


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