spring seems to have arrived…though snow showers are expected mid week, so we’ll see if it sticks around this time.  last time it melted in the 50° weather we had the next day.

we’ve had a few goodies arrive that will get you ready for spring.

Simply Vintage…the spring issue…has arrived!  this bookazine is everything spring!  wool appliqué, stitchery, quilting, needle punch, and a couple craft projects await you.  I am in love with that frilly apron!simply vintage spring

oh, and I couldn’t forget the refresh fabrics that arrived late last week.  we ordered a sampling of the line and are thinking of putting together a table topper for the spring season!  if you are leaning more toward a quilt…we still have pixie sticks kits left.  our child shell back rocker is the perfect accent!


Frivol #8 has arrived and she is cute as a button!  #8 uses Bread ‘N Butter by American Jane.  The project is Brio and it measures in at 47 inches square.  Don’t forget the best part…the bonus Frivol–a Maker block and a cute little pin tin!


we even ordered in a few bolts…we’ve never had American Jane, so we thought we’d start slow…well, we love them and can’t wait to get started on the Frivol!


if you are looking for a little more English Cottage chic I’m thinking Miss Scarlet is up your alley.  We ordered in a few bolts to put in with our French General, but I chose to mix her with some Bellas…from left…Miss Scarlet floral, Miss Scarlet tonal, Bella Fig Tree Cream, Miss Scarlet tonal floral, Bella Bleached PFD.


I’m currently working on my Baby Jane like a crazy girl to get her closer to done, so I can focus on my Miss Scarlet’s flower garden.  my Baby Jane progress is below…please keep in mind that some wedges and the corner wedges have not been trimmed down.  There are a total of 225 patterns…I have finished 65…leaving 160 left.


I hand piece the blocks and mom sews them together for me.  Some of these blocks have 40+ pieces.  Jane Stickle embroidered the total amount of pieces it has in the corner wedge…so I’ve been keeping track and will embroidery the number of pieces in the corner as well.  I don’t count the pieces until I’m finished with the block.

***to clarify…I have multiple projects going right now including a shabby flower garden and a 30’s flower garden plus I am happily collecting for 2 other projects…a Jane Austen Coverlet out of French General and a Jelly Garden out of Brenda Riddle jellies.  So if I continue with 2 jane blocks every day…she should be done Monday, June 13th…here’s hoping!

Mom is currently working on a new Porch Swing quilt using Blackbird Designs and an unbleached muslin…I’m thinking it is going to be gorgeous…but I’m a little biased.  Hopefully that will be all ready to go next week!  She also finished up a new mini…this one is EPP and uses the Chrysanthemum papers but she made fans and did a little embroidery.  it is amazing…just have get that written and kits cut.  we have a month to get everything in order before the Forest Lake Memorial Quilt Guild has their show.

So i’ll get back to quilting here after lunch and hopefully get some pattern writing in there too!

happy stitching! -april


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