southern exposure

good afternoon!

the rain they talked about this morning arrived like they said…at 12:30 the wind picked up even more and the rain started to spatter the windows.  it is nice to see a little rain this may…

speaking of may…it is creeping quickly and without me seeing it…UPS is dropping off boxes and there are SO (sew) many things to do.  we have so many ideas for summer that we may or may not be just a tad overwhelmed with everything.  On top of that my sista just bought a new/old house that she has started to renovate (pull carpet, clean wood floors, pull paneling, paint walls)…this was last Wednesday and it looks completely different already.  tomorrow is her last day off…so no more late nights moving…instead i’ll be working diligently on my wedges.

so today…I have pictures of Southern Exposure.  this line is soft and sweet and far more blendable than we had thought.  a soft red stripe, dots, a couple leaf prints (a tonal and a non) and a wide floral stripe.  thinking its time for creamy background bundles.


I haven’t torn in the favorites that have arrived yet…so those will have to wait until tomorrow.



what do you think?

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