Much in May

good afternoon!  the sun is starting to peak out so there may be a garage sale or 2 still open after work.

I was flipping back through some of our most recent blog posts and some of my favorite things never made it into a post.

so…I’ve been thinking…I could induce picture overload by posting multiple pics of the 10+ new goodies…or I could split it.

I opted to split all the new projects and packs and fabric stacks into multiple posts…that way hopefully I won’t miss anything and neither will you.  each post will be complete with links to our etsy shoppe so you don’t have to hunt it down.

Today I have my newest exclusive bundle…this bundle “Frosted Sugar Cookie” is filled with tones of tan, cream, and buttercream frosting.  The prints are a mix up of 5 different moda lines and the perfect jumping off point for a low-volume beauty…or start a stash of creamy prints for a vintage-inspired project.

frosted sugar cookie

Frosted Sugar Cookie is available in FQ, F8th, and Parade Candy packs.

Join me tomorrow as I have lots more to show you!



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