I LOVE the work “bespoke” it sounds old and cute and delicate and thoughtful.

it is the perfect word for Brenda Riddle’s newest line, “Bespoke Blooms”.  this line is full of delightful petite florals and geometrics in some of the prettiest colors.

This newest collection blends beautifully with Brenda’s previous lines.  We have only 1 FQ bundle left…it has been a favorite!  Also…jelly rolls, cakes and charms are ready to go!

Jelly Rolls of Bespoke Blooms and Windermere…you can see a little bit of Jelly Garden.

20160513_150013.jpgI am loving how the bundles look like sisters…. Windermere FQ (left) and Bespoke Blooms FQ (right).

20160513_145853.jpgCan’t forget about cakes

20160513_143122.jpgand charms

20160513_143117.jpg–I have added a jelly roll to my jelly roll tower…I am collecting Brenda Riddle Jellies to make a quadrupled jelly garden…I have seen sneak peaks of her next line and it is going to be great!

have a wonderful weekend!







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