jane and lucy

good afternoon!  the day is winding down but I figured I could get in a few pictures of my 2 girls…

jane is coming along…I have only 9 wedges left then rows H thru M and 1 corner wedge…

dear janeLucy has been done for a year and 3 months…she up in the back and is looking forward to your visits.  I am thinking of doing kits of the blocks…so be on the lookout for those.

lucy1 lucy2 lucy3

if you’d like to get started on a Jane or a Lucy…I’ve linked it up!

if you have absolutely no scraps (hehe…) I have lots of new bundles that are perfect for Jane and Lucy…(you will see some overlap in prints between the 2…however each has over a 100 different prints in it.)




songbird f16

Lizzie’s Legacy

lizzie bundle

have a wonderful evening!



7 thoughts on “jane and lucy

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