I am in love with the word “Bordeaux”…I love that it has an “x” in it and almost all of the vowels.

I looked it up.  It is a French port city on the Garonne River in the Southwest of France.  It is also the wine produced in that area of France.  And…it is what French General named their deep dark purple from their Ville Fleurie line.

When we were picking prints to coordinate with our Courtyard jelly rolls…we knew we wanted the Basic Grey Grunge we had ordered but were still unsure of what color to put with it.  We wanted something that would pop yet make you feel cozy since autumn was upon us.  Mom loves purple.  Eggplant, lavender, periwinkle, violet…she loves them all.  I pulled the Bordeaux print; we spread out the jelly roll strips, and we knew we had winner.


Eydie A’s featuring…

Courtyard jelly roll

Basic Grey Grunge

Bordeaux floral tonal by French General


we have just a couple kits left…if you’d like to add her to your autumn bed.

Eydie A’s…measures 88 x 102 inches.

Kit includes:  pattern, jelly roll, background, Bordeaux sashing and border, Bordeaux stripe for binding.

Kit price is $151.00 (plus tax and shipping).

happy autumn!



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