precut love

I love precuts.  The little mini charms are the cutest things ever…but I love a good layer cake and jelly roll too.  And the 5 inch charms…fantastic…the new treats…love those too!  and who can forget the FQ and F8th bundles?  I love out parade candy and cakes pops as well!

I thought today I’d take a detour from Christmas…and bring you lovely “bakery goods”.

Olive’s Flower Market…Lella Boutique is amazing.  Her colors, her prints, did I mention her colors…

20161115_161636.jpg 20161115_161650.jpg

Fleurs…if you’ve been to the shoppe or looked at even one other page of this blog you’ve probably surmised we love our shabby chic florals.  well, you were right.  we can’t get enough of them.  most recently we received our order of Fleurs by Brenda Riddle.  these prints are like cotton candy or saltwater taffy or any other candy that comes in the prettiest of colors.  soft, splendid, and perfect for a sweet pastel Christmas.  and true to her colors they blend perfectly with her previous lines (they blend in nicely with High Tea by Jera Brandvig as well)!

20161115_161612.jpg 20161115_161541.jpg 20161115_161438.jpg

those are High Tea F16th bundles behind those Fleurs jelly rolls…


all these precuts are available on our website…

sweetwater cotton shoppe


Smitten/Moving On Lawns Update

since…sadly Moving On Lawns has been oversold; our bundles will forever be on backorder.  I have decided to tackle another Smitten sometime after the New Year.  I’m thinking i’ll do it as a stitch along online.  I hope you can join us.  we are currently sold out of the pattern, papers, and templates, but they should be here in the next couple weeks.  I will start pulling for my smitten so if you’d like to join me, keep an eye out for more information.  I will be using pastel floral prints from a multitude of lines/desginers/companies including:  3 Sisters Favorites, Brenda Riddle, Fig Tree, Welcome Home, Lecien, Mrs. Miniver, Jennifer Chiaverini, Blackbird Designs, and High Tea.


happy stitching!  i’ll be back with some “very merry” sweetwater pictures in the next week until then new lines are arriving and the winter edition of Simply Vintage should be in the shoppe on Friday.



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