Row by Row…on the GO!

we are getting ready for Row x Row…on the Go!


–I just love that little car…full of fabric–

we are busy designing and getting our display ideas all in one place…as for the theme…

something with wheels or wings…or BOTH!  planes, trains, and automobiles?  a Wagon Wheel…shoes…cars…travel…the. ideas. are. endless.

hmmm…I’m going to have to pull out the big block book (and I mean BIG) full of pieced quilt blocks and see what I can find…

if you’d like to learn more…click the logo above and get started!

Row x Row starts on June 21st…and remember, Rowers have no Borders…pick up rows from ANY Row x Row SHOP on EARTH to add to your row quilt.

be sure to add our little shoppe to your list of must-see-shops this summer.

happy stitching!


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