spring & summer threads

it’s looking like winter may be behind us…at least for the next few days.  thunderstorms tonight and above average temps later this week.

it seemed like the perfect time to start thinking about spring and summer or as the French say Printemps (spring) and La Mer (summer).


French General teamed up with Lecien and Cosmo threads to curate 4 thread packs…one for each season…however today…I am only talking about the spring and summer packs.

Printemps (spring) embroidery floss pack is full of bright spring colors, new growth green and the bright pops of color against a rainy sky.

FG spring threadsLa Mer (summer) embroidery floss pack is full of wildflowers, clouds, rain-washed greens, and sun-dappled peach.

FG summer threads

Each pack is made up of 12 colors…each skein is 100% superior quality long staple cotton 8m/8.75 yards.  Size:  25/6 stranded floss, easy to separate.

perfect for:
wool applique
3D embroidery
hand quilting

these are available online and in-store…just $16.00/pack.

happy stitching! *a&m


what do you think?

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