saturday afternoon

good afternoon…I sure hope you are enjoying your weekend!

I am holding down the fort by myself today and thought I would take a moment to share mom’s newest project that I pulled off the machine yesterday.  the binding is not done yet, but I do have the kits ready to go…


inspired by our Fresh pattern…this version is scrappy…and I’m talking seriously scrappy…25 plus prints scrappy.  we chose our favorite Brenda Riddle prints which was difficult, but we managed.

It was the charcoal prints that got me thinking of our original Fresh quilt and I knew we just had to make a new one showcasing that charcoal.  I am so happy Ms. Riddle added it to her palette!

Freshly uses prints from her first 5 collections…Ambleside, Windermere, Bespoke Blooms, Fleurs, and her most recent Guernsey.

Freshly measures a 83 x 98 inches…kits are available here.

I’ve also loaded the Sweet Blend prints that arrived last week…be sure to pop over and take a look.  I will be mixing up some bundles next week.

happy stiting!


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