hexie love

summer is right around the corner and the outdoor living spaces are calling…enjoy them without neglecting your stitching…

Hexagons…a classic shape that is English paper pieced and just so happens to be my favorite.

I won’t bore you with details…just pictures…I’ve linked up kits if you are looking for a new epp project.

Stars in the Garden features 1/2 inch hexies.

Rosettes features 1/2 inch hexies.

Green Tea uses 3/4 inch hexies.

Hexie Stones uses 3/4 inch and applique.

Hexie Sweet uses 1 inch hexies.

Candy and Hexies uses 1 inch hexies.

Jelly Garden uses 1 inch hexies.

Charmed Garden uses 1 inch hexies.

Miss Scarlet’s Flower Garden uses 1 1/4 inch hexies.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden uses 1 1/2 inch hexies.

Strawberry Tart uses 2 inch hexies.

and as always…we are hard at work on new EPP projects.  be sure to check us out on instagram @sweetgirlstudio.


have a wonderful weekend!

april & mickey

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