Quilt Minnesota 2017

it has almost arrived and I have just finished up the display…–better late than never–

our projects are all done, quilted, bound, displayed, and the kits are packaged and the booklets are printed.

we’ve kitted everything…so if you are hopping around be sure to stop in and take a look!

qm17 V-neck tees…available now

complete window display morel ladyslipper1 yard cuts

fat quarters and Paddle Wheels (right) 

from left Table Quartet, Stripes, Lakeside pillowcase, and Lakeshore

Minnesota Tote bag for 2017 Table Quartet Table Quartet, Stripes and Lakeside pillowcase Stripes, Lakeside Pillowcase, and Lakeshore kits are available starting Friday, July 28th…


Kits include booklet:

Paddle Wheels $25

Stripes $42

Lakeside Pillowcase $30

Table Quartet $38

Lakeshore $79

Ladyslipper $34.75 (includes threads)

Morel $28.75 (includes thread)

Ladyslipper Jar $6.75 (pattern only available in jar kit)

I will not be posting these online…if you are from out of state or not doing the hop and would like to purchase…please request a paypal invoice (send me an email with your address and items you’d like to order) or call the shoppe (320.243.4436)


***please remember that our QM17 kits are exclusive to our shoppe and are extremely limited***

happy hopping!  –april


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