Lucy Tuesdays week 64…progress report

good afternoon!  September is flying by…projects are piling up and we have 1 MORE SHOW.

we were just in Faribault (if you haven’t seen the video i took from our hotel room…it doesn’t show any damage but the wind is sure howling and rain is coming down)…the show went off without a hitch so it was nice to have a something calming after the crazy night.


this weekend we’ll be down in Chaska, so we’ve barely unpacked then we’ll be packing up again!


Progress report on Lucy Boston POTC…i’ve put the 8 squares around a 4-patch.  i know it doesn’t seem like much…but i’ve been working like crazy to get new stuff online, quilt tops quilted (speaking of quilt tops…i nabbed a vintage flower garden top in Faribault that i have to quilt up), Primrose Garden is in the home stretch…just 2 more rows of 9-patch primroses to do then i am DONE! and i only have 1 9-patch primrose to piece…

anyways…a 4-patch has been finished with the 8–1 inch bunny hill pink squares…and i LOVE it!  i can hardly wait to get back to working on this…the colors are so summery.

summer cottage 4-patch



autumn has arrived…we’ve been getting in some autumn toned fabrics…bundles of Heritage 10th Anniversary, Spice It Up, and Maple Street 101 are all available over in the precuts section of the shop…along with not so autumn-y Guest Room and Portsmouth!  i have precuts online with yardage being listed next week and more yardage on the way!


happy autumn!  –april & mickey


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