Lucy Tuesdays week 65 & 66

good afternoon!  i’ve finished up my Primrose Garden

primrose garden finished

the background it a Bella unbleached muslin (this is a bella solid but it has flecks in it so it looks like a muslin).

the quilt has a total of 504 little primroses and features some new prints i picked at the Madison Quilt Expo and some of my favorite prints from my stash…

so now that this project is done…i’ve decided to work on a few other smaller projects…i have some hexie flowers to make for a new Hexie Stones featuring Guest Room, a new Candy and Hexies that will feature Petitie Maisons de Noel and Brazilian Embroidery for a couple demos i’m doing in Bismark, and i’m going to tidy up my civil war stash to get it ready for…

Mrs. Billings Coverlet…yes…i will be tackling this project this winter…the goal is to be done by the Minnesota Quilters quilt show in June…fingers crossed!

i will track my progress here…i’m thinking on Mondays…after the weekend…or maybe Fridays…we’ll see.

if you are thinking you’d like to give it a try…pop over to our shop and check out the pattern and paper pack…(yes…it is expensive…however…you will not have to reuse any papers…which is always a plus…then you can baste the entire round and figure placement then stitch).

mrs billings papers templates pattern blog


As for the Lucy Boston update…i haven’t worked on her…however, now i can start basting some honeycombs and squares since i now have a box full of empty papers waiting for some fabric…

happy autumn!  –april & mickey



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