Lucy Tuesday week 67

Didn’t work today since mom and i switched this week, so we can both work tomorrow to load for the woodbury quilt show. Thought i better pop in with an update on Lucy…had plans to stitch up the last block…and realized I’m short a honeycomb…of course…

So i decided to help mom tidy the sewing room…and when i was tying up the final scrap bundle broke my right thumb nail…short…(I’m talking so short i started to bleed)..this was sunday and my thumb is still tender.

So instead of stitching these last 2 days i organized my civil war stash and have started Mrs. Billings. My goal is to use a fabric only once…so each hexie triangle will contain 4 prints, the diamond borders will contain lots of different prints…we’ll see how that works out. I have no issue with having to buy more fabric for my stash…

This is the center…3 prints…love bubblegum pink, chocolate, and soft red…yummy combo…perfect center!

I’ll be posting Mrs. Billings updates weekly (hopefully)…if you’d like to join me, you can nab the pattern and papers…here.

Happy stitching…



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