Lucy Tuesday week 68…EPP projects in the works

Good afternoon!  it would seem that the harvest season is nearing an end.  Round bales dot once lush cornfields, leaves swirl and crackle on the sidewalk, and the air has an autumn bite to it.  Snowflakes have even spun in the breeze.

It is the perfect time to nab a new project…or pull out an old favorite.

i’ve started a couple different projects…Mrs. Billings is well on her way.  the center is pieced along with a couple hexie triangles for the border and i’ve started basting border 1 triangles.


I’ll be posting Mrs. Billings updates weekly (hopefully)…if you’d like to join me, you can nab the pattern and papers…here.

we fell in love with Swell and Good Tidings and ordered them up for Christmas…i’m finally getting around to the Grandma’s Vintage Dresden pillow i’ve been wanting to make…


This Dresden is based on a pillow my paternal grandma made.  Her plate consists of 5 colors…but i couldn’t pick just 5 of the Swell prints to showcase…so i picked all 18 and added in a couple from Good Tidings to make this pillow truly spectacular!  i plan on getting it all finished up in the next couple days so it will be all ready for the Capital QuiltFest in Bismark…i do have kits of it ready to go.


Lucy progress…i’ve basted some more 1 inch pink squares and am still on the hunt for the missing honeycomb…


Happy stitching…



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