christmas stitching

good morning!  hopefully you’ve had a wonderful thanksgiving.  ours was full of family, doggy kisses, delicious food, and a Clue playing marathon…poor Tina didn’t win a single game.


now that thanksgiving is over i am far more excited about Christmas.  i love pulling out the Christmas boxes and faffing the house with a little extra coziness that Christmas brings.  i love the smell of pine, the soft Christmas carols, twinkling lights, and neatly wrapped presents.

i think it is this inevitable feel of simpler times and wood burning fires that spur me to sit quietly and stitch.  whether i embroider, appliqué, or cross stitch…it truly doesn’t matter…

this year…i decided on Wednesday i would stitch up Crabapple Hill’s Cozy Quilter’s pillow…so i pulled fabrics, threads, traced the pattern and started it Wednesday evening.  i’m hoping to get a it finished up in the next week or so…i’ll be whipping up kits…

if this embroidered/quilty pillow isn’t really your thing…we also have EdMar Christmas kits available…kits include all the threads (including metallic if needed), beads, preprinted pattern on white, needles, and complete instructions.

Christmas Tree, Christmas Candles, Christmas Pine Cone, and Christmas Acorns

if Brazilian embriodery isn’t your thing either…last year i pulled my favorite Christmas Cross stitch patterns and you can check them out as well…Christmas Cross Stitch.

also…i’ll be kitting this lovely from Home for the Holidays…once everything arrives…

and if cross stitch isn’t your thing or you prefer working on something a little bit smaller…this Teenie Hardanger IV project could right up your alley.  cranberry and pine mix with ecru and beads…tuck in a little bowl with potpourri, pine boughs, and bulbs.

if you are looking for some inspiration…the new Simply Vintage winter edition by Quilt Mania is brimming with winter-y and Christmas-y projects including quilts, wool appliqué, embroidery, and Christmas crafts.  17 different projects total to get you in the mood for Christmas.

mom is going to stitch up the little piece on the bottom right.  it is just delightful, dainty, and darling, and she already had a place for it.

i’d better get on over to the post office and check the mailbox.  could have gotten some of my cross stitch supplies that i’ve been impatiently waiting on.

happy stitching…have a safe and happy weekend!  hopefully you can fit in a little quiet stitching time…

—april & mickey


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