slow stitching…*english paper piecing*

with the winter months setting in, temperatures are dropping and out come the winter coats, scarves, hats, and mittens.  i always look forward to when the white purity of winter sets in and the world gets a crispy outer layer. the hustle and bustle of the season really gets to me…i’m not a fan of shopping and lots of people, so it is nice to be able to go home and pull out a project.


if you are in the mood to start a slow stitching project…i have lots of favorites, but today i’ll only talk about 2 that are on my list…neither have i actually started. (hehe)

Glitter by Jen Kingwell…i am IN. LOVE. with this block.  it is just so different…which in turn gives you so many different options you could do with it.  Now that it is Christmas time…i could see them in more season-y colors…so that each block looks like those spiky christmas ornaments.  or you could use metallics for extra glitter!

Sweet Sunday by Treehouse Textiles.  When i saw this project on instagram i knew i needed to have it on my shelf so when i get that far…i can just start.  This quilt mixes new fabrics and techniques with vintage embroidered linens…a perfect way to keep grandma, great-grandma, and the great-aunties close to you.


I’ve linked each paper piece pack above…just click the green words.

hopefully you can find a quiet minute or 2 this weekend to stitch.

have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching…april&mickey



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