a new year

***this post was supposed to go live earlier this week***

good afternoon! we hope you had a wonderful new year…we’ve been busy packing away all the Christmas trees and redoing the bed for january.

new collections are arriving and we are so excited to get started on fresh new projects and finish up some older projects.

with so many things rolling around the rotary cutter has hardly stopped cutting…

i don’t have a completed project today…but i do have a collection that arrived before the New Year…


Urban Cottage by Urban Chiks

A mixture of roses, wovens, and toweling in shades of black, ivory, and grey. classic yet contemporary…

We cherry-picked some roses, wovens, toweling, and the prepieced convenience cloth. mom and i have come up with a smashing idea for a summer throw. i can hardly wait.

here is a sneaky peak of the fabric…which we do have available online…here.

urban cottage

Stay tuned for our Summer Throw project…(mom is just about done with it now…didn’t have quite enough time yesterday before we left…so she is going to finish it up today after appointments and chores)…or nab some yardage and get started on your own project.

happy stitching!



2 Replies to “a new year”

  1. Good morning April. I have a question. I have a kit from your shop called “Cream and Sugar”. It is 47 x 47. The problem is I do not have the pattern. I am checking if you remember it and if I could get the pattern. Thanks. Becki

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